Hey everyone! My name is Alyssa570 this site is to show people the many ways how to be creative with there igloos in Club Penguin! Want to have a cool party in your igloo? Then I am here to show you some great ideas for your igloo.  There are many ways to have fun but this is my most favorite thing to do in Club Penguin have parties and spend time with friends and play there games. This is the world of Club Penguin and this is my Website of my many different Creative Igloos


In case you are unfamiliar with the map, it is marked in red this is where all of the unlocked igloos in Club Penguin are. You can go down the list and view many penguin igloos.In case you are wondering my favorite server is  Abominable it’s almost always full and check to see if I  am on the map. Other servers you will find me on is Alaska and Ascent.Come by sometime and check out my igloo. 😀