Collection of my coin codes


Hi ! …Well  as you might have already guessed.I am a huge Club Penguin Fan!!!These are all of my coin codes that I have collected this far.I love art , painting , and drawing. I like to think I am creative.Well the reason for this is to show you some of my Creative Igloos. I will show many of my own igloo ideas here so maybe if you are looking for some igloo ideas this will be the place to look .

A lot of these igloo ideas have been done but not the way I make them.

Some of them have never been made till now.

There Labeled  Original Ideas

But as I observe the penguins playing I can improve my igloos just by watching others and listening.

Original Idea for the Dock

This is my first camping igloo.

This is Smiles for the Igloo.

Pool Party


This is my most favorite igloo I call this my Beautiful Garden. It reminds me of my Town in Texas.


This is my college igloo it was a lot of fun!

Halloween my favorite time of year!!!!!

So I was thinking of making a Halloween igloo and what would be the best!

Well look I thought it would be fun to trick or treat in my igloo so this is what I made!!

Original Idea

Trick or Treat

This is my Halloween igloo for this year.2008

I entered in the Halloween igloo 2009 contest what do you think I will win?

This is my first plane.  It is nice to create something that everyone can have fun playing. The main reason for this site is because they many penguins say

“Your igloos are so awesome”

some of them say

“Dont ever Change you Igloo”

We it makes me laugh.

Because I love Change and love thinking up of new ways to make

better igloos.

So I like to have my igloos here for all to enjoy and hope it gives you ideas to create something that you can call your own.

Original Idea

This is my idea for a Plane

Original Idea

Now Splash Mountain

Original Idea


I did get many comments about this igloo everyone seemed to love this idea.

Original Idea

Park and Swings


Original Idea

Little Red Riding Hood


Original Idea


Wedding Chapel

Public Pool with Kitty Pool

Water Park Slide

Original Idea

Western Bar


Dentist Offices