Hey Guys this section is called Alyssa570’s Amazing Igloo Ideas Just For You! For those who want to make something creative and a bit different in their igloos. Don’t have any idea on what to make!?!?Well here are a few very fresh igloos ideas you may copy from if you don’t have any fresh ideas of your own. But don’t forget you can’t call these igloos your own. All my ideas are fresh and of my own design 😀


Forest with Cabin

Be My Neighbor Igloo


This igloo is a bank that has an office with a waiting area and a restroom.There is also a safe and service desks for extra fun I have hidden some portal boxes under the treasure chests so when people break in they go into the portal pretty clever. Very fun to watch them try to get in  😀

Cafe and Book Store

My newest idea is my porch deck. As you can see on the bottom of the picture I have made an outside deck area. I try to look at the igloo from a 90 degree angle and just like you’re looking from above you can see through the roof. Its fun and new. Everyone had fun at this igloo. Its similar to the bank idea    😀

Old Folks Place

This Old Folks Place was fun to watch everyone pretend to be old. This igloo got pretty full of old people   😀  As you can see I have lots of Chairs and a waiting area. It’s important to have lots of areas for people to walk around and I created an  outside area too.

Old Penguins with Visitors


Train and Train Station

Train and Train Station with Penguins

Another Train Design

Restaurant and Cars

Drivers Ed

Bus and Car

Different Types of Cars

Here are different kinds of cars you can make. Or try making your own awesome car!

Subway Station

Subway Station

Truck and Taxi Cars

Subway Train

Carnival Rides

Roller Coaster and Bumper Cars with game booth

Roller Coaster

My friend Cassie2223 requested that I make her an igloo. She said I could make anything I wanted so I made a huge roller coaster I hope you liked it Cassie2223!!

Many penguins showed up and they seemed to really like the igloo

I think they had a lot of fun 😀

Scary Roller Coaster


Photo Studio



Arcade & Snack Shop


Animal Shelter

Horse Race Track

Space Ship Landing in a Forest

Public Park



 Rockhopper the Battle at Sea


Rocket Ship and Control Center

 Blast From the Past  50’s igloo

Enchated Forest

Forest with Treehouses